Our Values

We believe...

  • Every child is unique in her/his interests and learning style.
  • Every child is the artist, creator, innovator, and problem solver of tomorrow.
  • To reach their fullest potential, students must understand and be able to manage their emotional lives, they must be ethical and possess compassion and respect for themselves, others, and the world around them.
  • All children, regardless of socio-economic status, disability, or learning style can achieve their potential if they are taught well and given support and the resources needed to succeed.
  • It’s not enough to prepare children for college.  They must be prepared to be the world’s next innovators, discoverers, and leaders.
  • Success is not achieved through just “smarts.”  Children must be active and persistent to succeed.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a top tier public TK-8 school that will strive to help each one of our students become independent, intellectual and compassionate leaders, creators and innovators with a comprehensive and critical understanding of the greater world. 

Our Approach

We work with technology and through innovative, caring teachers to create a personalized learning environment that stimulates, challenges, and motivates children to find their own unique path to excellence.

Who We Are?

We are passionate, cutting edge educators, leading technology thinkers, and Pasadena parents.

We know that every child learns best when taught in her/his own unique way and when motivated in their own unique way.  

We leverage the latest research understanding of how the children learn.  We are building Alma Fuerte from the ground up using these best practices.  

We are authorized by the Los Angeles County Board of Education | (562) 922-6111

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