We believe that with the right environment children can do absolutely incredible things.  

Launching in Fall of 2017, our goal is to create an environment that teaches each child as an individual and that develops passionate self-learners.  Our curriculum is focused on building innovative creators.  Alma Fuerte will be a school that raises leaders with character that take action to advocate for the needs of our community and the world.

We aren't just producing kids who are high school ready, college ready, or life-long learners... We are producing lifelong ethical creators, innovators, and leaders.  

How is Alma Fuerte Public School Different?

We will leverage our expertise and our unique approach to serve as a resource for other Pasadena schools.  Alma Fuerte will offer:

  • Individualized curriculum designed for each student that blends digital, one-on-one, and cohort-based learning.
  • Heavy investment in technology to assure children receive a completely individualized education.
  • Project based curriculum that gives children exposure to real world situations to prepare them for real world problems.
  • A teacher-led academic program that puts those who know what’s best for students in the driver’s seat.

Direct integration of ethics, emotional intelligence, and “grit” into the curriculum.

Our Community Program

A child is a reflection of the community and the community is a reflection of the child.

Our school will leverage the skills of our community to expand the educational opportunities for children.  Imagine a local carpenter helping kids build a raised-bed herb garden for their botany class.

We will also leverage connections to help provide the community with services it needs to thrive.

In short, we won't just raise stellar students, and we won't just support amazing parents: we will work to strengthen our entire community.

How You Can Help

Re-envisioning what education can be and making it work, even more so... But we believe it's necessary to give our children better options and a bright new future.  

If you support what we are doing, please CLICK HERE to Visit www.almafuerteps.com/los to sign a Letter Of Support (LOS).  This will let our school board know that the community wants to add a new public school option in Pasadena.

And if you have more questions or want to get more involved, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Anne.Lee@AlmaFuertePS.org