Can a school make your child’s dreams come true?

Picture your child: Is their school helping them achieve their dreams?

Can you imagine them learning calculus in 6th grade?

Can you imagine your child starting her own business in 8th grade?    

We are Alma Fuerte Public School -- and we believe they can.  We believe we can help make your child’s dream a reality.

Research shows that in the right environment, kids are capable of unbelievable things.  With the right support, children can develop into the superstar learners, leaders, and creators they are destined to be.  

Now picture your children’s school: Is your child in the right environment?  

Is their program personalized to them?

Does their school inspire and challenge them?

Does it welcome you? 

Are they safe?

Are they excited to go?

If you’ve answered NO for any of these, then you are not alone.  We have worked with parents throughout Southern California who believe that they are not getting an education that is the right fit for their child.  Many children do not get the type of education that brings out the best of them.

So we asked, “How can we make it better?”  

Technology is changing education for the better.  Educational experts creating new ways to personalize lessons for kids.   Research is discovering new ways to learn.

We are cutting edge educators, leading technology thinkers, and Pasadena parents.  And we decided to build a new kind of public school to provide the best, most state of the art, education possible for our children.

We have built a school that teaches each child as an individual.  We’ve designed a curriculum that develops passionate self-learners and innovative creators.  Alma Fuerte is a school that raises leaders with character that take action to advocate for the needs of our community and our world.  A school that is focused on the knowledge and skills critical for the 21st Century.

If you have a vision for a challenging, nurturing school for your child, now you have the power to give your child that gift.

If you are a forward-thinking parent who believes that your child can thrive with the right instruction, we are creating a new public school in Pasadena for your little superstar.  In our school...

  • Every child will use a computer that provides instruction that adapts to their unique learning style and teachers who provide additional support.
  • Our teachers are innovative, supportive, and passionate.  They work with your child as an individual and really learn how to bring out his or her best.
  • Our students will use the knowledge they learned in real world projects.  These projects teach skills required for the 21st century, including entrepreneurship, politics, technology, design, and more.
  • Our projects will teach children how to tackle problems that don’t have clear solutions, which research shows will help children develop the skills to manage projects at an early age, and gain the grit and persistence to bring projects to completion.
  • These projects will help children appreciate and celebrate what it means to be human.  They will help children develop empathy and ethics, an appreciation for art and culture, and social skills such as conflict resolution.
  • By graduation, our students will have created a business of their own vision.  All of our students will learn a second language.  And each student will participate in physical education and nutrition programs to ensure they remain healthy and fit.

Your child will graduate prepared not just for college or career…

...they will be prepared to be the next generation of business, politics, and cultural leaders.

Join our empowered parents. 

Your child’s future starts here and now.