We are looking for teachers and subject matter experts who are looking for a challenge and think that schools and the way we teach our children are ready for a radically new path forward.

If that’s you, we think you will find a great home as a founding teacher at Alma Fuerte Public School.

The first radically new component to our approach is our focus.  

We are not just looking to prepare kids for high school or college.  We are looking for our children to be the next generation of entrepreneurs, politicians, activists, artists, and scientists.  

We don’t believe children need to wait until they are “grown up” to impact the world.  We believe that they are ready now and it’s our job to inspire and motivate them to get there.

The second component is the way we manage.  

We are implementing what we are calling a “Focused-Teacher Led” management style.  Teacher-led, because the decisions about what to teach and how to teach it are collectively decided by those who are best positioned to make decisions...our teachers.  Focused, because unlike other teacher-led organizations where the teachers do everything including back office work, our teachers do only one thing: teach children.

The third component is our teaching methodology.  

Each of our students receives an individually developed educational program.  Every program is regularly reviewed and tailored to the student’s growth over time.  Each program combines digital curriculum enhanced by projects the students help select.  These projects inspire and motivate the student while connecting the students’ efforts to the real world and teaching crucial skills like project management, emotional intelligence, metacognition, ethics, and more.  

By graduation, our students will have created a business of their own design.  And each student will participate in physical education and nutrition programs to ensure they remain healthy and fit.

As you can see, our approach requires a radically new type of teacher.  A thinker, a subject matter expert, an experimenter, a designer, a creative, a team member. 

As a member of Alma Fuerte, you will be part of learning, defining, and educating others on what a school looks like in the 21st century.  Your expertise will be prized.  You will be a driving force.

If you like our approach and if this sounds like a fascinating challenge, then we would love to hear from you.

Please CLICK HERE to submit your information with your resume or CV.  

We hope to hear from you soon!