We are so happy you want to join our family!

Because we are in the founding stages of this school, we need parent support to demonstrate to the Pasadena School Board that parents will want to send their children to our school. 

By signing this Statement of Intent, you are not obligated to send your child to Alma Fuerte.  You are simply declaring your view that Alma Fuerte is an option you believe in.  

Once we receive your Statement of Intent, we will contact you to discuss your enrollment options in more detail.


As a parent in Pasadena, I am looking for a new alternative for my child's education. 

I want my child to be safe, challenged, and supported. 

I believe that bringing new technology into the classroom is critical to my child's success.  I also believe that teaching them emotional skills such as determination, is crucial to their ability to manage the challenges they will face.  I further believe, that grounding their intellectual development with real world projects that prepare them for the 21st Century is vital to transform them into the future leader that I dream about them becoming. 

For these reasons, I am signing this Statement of Intent to demonstrate my strong desire to send my child to Alma Fuerte Public School as soon as it opens.   By signing this statement, I understand that I am under no obligation and that my signature solely represents my belief that Alma Fuerte represents an educational alternative I want for my child.

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