Do you believe we need a better educational system?  Are you passionate about helping kids?  Are you a natural charmer who can chat with anyone?

Then we want to work with you!

We are Alma Fuerte Public School.   We are launching a new free, public school in the Northwest area of Pasadena.

We want to offer children in that area a bold new approach that combines the best of technology and real world projects that combine to give the children experience with next generation careers such as entrepreneurship, technology, scientific research, art, and civic activism.

If this is exciting to you, we need your help!

Project Description

To open the school, we want to build on our support from the community and parents and broaden our relationships than we already have. 

To accomplish this, we need volunteers to canvas neighborhoods and visit locations that parents frequent to share information about this amazing new school. 

As you run into community members, you will introduce yourself, give a short description of the school, answer basic questions, and provide them our brochure or other marketing materials.   You will never have to answer questions you don’t know.

You should be having fun, meeting new people, and helping children get the best possible education. 

If this sounds worthwhile or fun our process is organized to make it as easy as possible for you to join us.

The Process

  1. Please apply on the below form.
  2. Once on the page, there is a form to fill out with basic information.
  3. If accepted as a volunteer, we will contact you for a phone introduction.
  4. We will then run you through a quick training process.
  5. You will then get your field assignment for the times you have indicated you were available. 

Skills, Qualifications, and Success Attributes

To be successful at this, a volunteer will need the following…

  • A functioning car to travel to various locations in Pasadena.
  • An outgoing and friendly personality to be able to approach parents and community members.
  • The ability to understand our mission and our approach and an ability to communicate it clearly.
  • An ability to gracefully and kindly accept rejection

Preferred by not required attributes include…

  • Spanish fluency
  • A teaching or education background
  • Children and/or grandchildren
  • Interest in the Pasadena community


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