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Meet our Teachers and Staff

The Alma Fuerte Team is a tight-knit group of professionals who put students first. Our entire staff works together to make the best educational experience for your child and family


Ms Keay_edited_edited.jpg

Laurilie Keay


Alma Fuerte School-558.jpg

Adriani Leon

Manager Operations

Alma Fuerte School-968.jpg

Roger Yee

DEAN & Teachers Support

Our teachers

TK Teacher Charter School.jpg
kindergarten teacher.jpg
1st grade teacher.jpg
2nd grade teacher.jpg

Mr. Gableman

TK teacher

Ms. Vivirito



1st grade teacher

Ms.  Pallet

2nd grade teacher

Ms. Gonzalez

3rdgrade teacher.jpg
4th grade teacher.jpg

3rd grade teacher

Ms. Robles

Mr. Youn

4th grade teacher 

5th grade teacher.jpg
middle school teacher.jpg

Ms. DeRenzo

5th grade teacher

Middle school teacher - ELA, Science

Mr. Basurto

TA TK Charter.jpg
Alma Fuerte School-308.jpg
TA Second grade.jpg

Middle school teacher

Math, Social studies

Mr. Alex

Teacher Assistant

Teacher Assistant

Ms. Moni 

Ms. Montse

Teacher Assistant

Ms. Eva Tawfiek

3rd grade ta.jpg
TA Teacher 5th grade.jpg
Alma Fuerte School-953.jpg

Teacher Assistant

Ms. Leslie 

Teacher Assistant

Mr. Kam

Teacher Assistant

Ms. Kaitlyn

Teacher Assistant

Mr. Michael

Home School
Home School
Alma Fuerte School-979_edited.jpg

Teacher Assistant

Ms. Emilie

Math Interventionist

Ms. Muñoz 

Teacher Assistant

Ms. Britanny

Mr. Padilla

PE Teacher

Alma Fuerte School-980.jpg

Ms. Shannon

SPED Teacher

Alma Fuerte School-987.jpg

Ms. Sweet

Art Teacher

Alma Fuerte School-868.jpg

Mr. Guftarson

SPED Teacher

Alma Fuerte School-970.jpg

Sr. Andres

Spanish teacher - office staff

Alma Fuerte School-993.jpg

Ms. Brianna


Home School

Ms. LaDonna

OT Specialist

Alma Fuerte School-672.jpg
Alma Fuerte School-757.jpg

Ms. Erin

Office staff

Office Staff

Ms. Estela

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