Sep 28, 2018

Ideas from the Coffee Collective!

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Edited: Sep 28, 2018


Here are the notes from that group:


Products (Things the kids can make to sell)

  • Bath stuff - soap, bath balm, skin scrubs, etc.

  • Slime

  • Small plants with decorated pots

  • Homemade Dog Treats

  • Holiday Stars and other decorations/ornaments 

Possible Places to Sell 

  • Christmas Tree Lane (Altadena Library) - I printed out an application to get a space at this event and am going to take it to the library to get any additional details.  It costs $100.00 for a 10x10 space and it's first come first serve to participate!

  • Altadena Farmers Market - Sent an email inquiring if we can set up a booth for a couple of weeks close to the holidays.

  • Holiday Bazaar (at Alma Fuerte) - I'm thinking we can look into this option if the others don't pan out.  Thoughts?

  • Online Ordering?  - What if we make a simple website that we can send to our friends and family where they can order some items?  Then the kids could make them and we can either mail them or figure out another way to get it to them.  Just a thought. :)


Found some videos on the crafts below.  Maybe we could each focus on one? 


Bath Bombs:

Geode Bath Bombs (looks a little more comlipcated):




Small Plants: Couldn't find any good vides on this...


Dog Treats:


Holiday Stars: Part 1  Part 2


I think this might be a little complicated for younger kids - but I'm willing to teach them how to do it and see how it goes! Or come up with a simpler holiday decoration craft. 

That's it for now - thanks again Carrie.  Look forward to seeing you all again soon. 


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  • Soap making was a popular activity, which has received many requests for an encore. How can we make more soap and use it as a school-wide business to fundraise? Interested parties, chime in and let's meet to put our heads together!
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