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August 1, 2017 Alma Fuerte Public School Board of Directors Special Board Meeting Minutes

I. Opening Items

Board Members Present: Sean Markin, Kathy Dominguez, Myra Salinas (telephonic), Hazim Rabadi (telephonic), Amy Dresser Held (telephonic)

Others Present: Anne Lee, Adriani Leon

Sean Markin called the meeting to order at 5:45pm. There was no public comment.

  1. Operations

  2. Approval of School Meal Policy – Anne stated that this would be ready for review and discussion at the next Board meeting.

  3. Discussion of Contract with MealTime – Anne stated that she received more information about the MealTime meal administration service and reviewed the benefits of the MealTime service.

  4. Approval of Copier Lease – The Board reviewed and discussed options regarding a copier lease. Anne stated that she received three proposals from various copier vendors and that Canon had the most competitive pricing and discussed her positive experiences with Canon products. Sean moved to delegate authority to Anne to enter into a copier lease contract for no more than $14,000; Hazim seconded the motion; the motion was approved unanimously after a roll call vote.

  1. CLOSED SESSION: PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT (Gov. Code Section 54957(a)) Title: Special Education Associate Teacher

The Board convened into closed session at 5:50pm to discuss the above-referenced agenda item.

The Board reconvened into open session at 6:05pm and it was stated that no action had been taken in closed session.

Sean then moved to waive the anti-nepotism policy as it relates to the hiring of Miranda Carrasco-Burge in compliance with Alma Fuerte’s anti-nepotism policy. Myra seconded the motion, and the motion passed after the following roll call vote: Kathy – no; Hazim – aye; Amy – aye; Myra – aye; Sean – aye.

Adjourn Meeting - The meeting was adjourned at 6:07pm.

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