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1st Grade Highlights

Our young authors have published their informative writing piece and are thrilled to pass on knowledge through writing!

During this informative writing piece we introduced the words "research" & "resource" and learned how to use different types of texts to learn more about a topic. Our young students researched about their informative topic by using a computer, books, and their teachers as resources.

What can we do with broken crayons? Change their state of matter with heat and change their shape to make "new" crayons!

The "water cycle" experiment!Students will witness how water evaporates, condenses & precipitates.They'll also notice how the blue dye gets left behind when the water begins to evaporate. The "water cycle" cleans our water.

Cherry Blossom trees -Japanese culture believes they create a "path of the enlightened."

Celebrating Chinese New Year! We viewed cultural dances and identified Chinese characters and the sounds they produce.

Miles wastes no time in quickly offering his help to Miss Adriani! He clearly notices how dedicated she is in making sure everyone has a lunch to eat.

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