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Coffee Collective Notes

What is the Coffee Collective?

The Coffee Collective is a group that meets once a month to plan events, fundraise, beautify and build community at Alma Fuerte. It is composed of parents, family members, and staff.

This year, we are formalizing the structure of the Coffee Collective to streamline communication and help members navigate the event planning process. In this spirit, we have identified the following parents to propel our community forward.

Community Leadership

President, Maria Nieto

Mother of twins Kathya and Kamila in 2nd Grade.

The Parent Committee President plays a lead role in fostering an environment where parent involvement is encouraged and respected. The president fosters and welcomes inclusiveness and diversity of volunteers and their contributions. The president is also the main liaison between parents and school staff.

Treasurer, Rachel Wallace

Mother of Jayden Wallace, 2nd Grade.

As treasurer, Rachel is responsible for helping create and lead fundraising activities.

Secretary - Kate Wilkinson

Mother of Evan (3rd grade), Erik (TK), and Elliot (Kinder).

As Secretary Kate, along with the President, will create the Coffee Collective Agendas, lead the meetings, take notes and help disseminate information about event plans.

Wellness Committee - Pili Bailey and Claudia Montes

Pili Bailey, mother of Gabriel in Kinder and Claudia Montes mother of Sebastian (1st) and Emiliano (TK).

The Wellness Committee meets separately from the Coffee Collective and is responsible for providing input on school nutrition. The Wellness Committee has started the Tasting Tuesdays initiative to expose our students to new and healthy foods.

*Box Tops: if you collecting box tops please bring them to the school (receipts or box tops themselves)

*Potential Movie Night Idea- Kane’s Arcade

*Teacher Appreciation - please let us know if you have any ideas on how to show our teachers some love.

*Garden: We need volunteers to build grow our garden. Volunteers can come in on Wednesday to help with the Gardening elective.

Special Assemblies

Every Wednesday, before the start of our Eagle Electives, our students sit in for a school-wide assembly. Assemblies are generally 30 minutes long. We would like to use this as an opportunity to expose our students to new ideas.

Presentations from local business - do you know someone who would like to share their entrepreneurial journey with our eagles?

Cultural Awareness - We are looking for community members to come and share presentations about their cultures.

Ideas for large school-wide events:

Halloween Trunk or Treat (October) - Erin and Stephanie

Parents decorate their trunks and park them on the upper yard. After school, kids would take turns trick or treating at each car. This event would also include a costume parade.

Fall Festival (November) - Rachel and Aracely

We need more ideas to make Fall Festival possible. May be a potluck. Date has to be chosen, (SATURDAY NOV 16TH, 2019 CAN BE AN OPTION)

Winter Talent Show (December) - Maria

Wellness Fair (January) - Pili

My Loved One & Me Dance (February)

A dance evening with your child (dren). We need a committee to plan this event.

In attendance on 9/10:

Eric and Erin Hernandez

Rachel Wallace

Claudia Montes

Stephanie Castellon

Aracely Ramirez

Kate Wilkinson

Elizabeth Seffel

Pili Bailey

Maricela Viramontes

Ruth Gonzalez

Pamela Lett

Pamela Chow

Delhy Reyes

Victor Pruitt

Simeon Weinraub

Maria Nieto

Event Coordinator Responsibilities

Keep the Secretary and President up to date on event

Create flyers, posts, and links to event details (eventbrite, social media, nextdoor, facebook)

Be present on the day of event and during all planning meetings.

Staff Initiatives:

- Book Fair Committee - Grant Youne

- Reading Incentives Committee - Laurilie

- School Spirit Committee – PJ Day, Crazy Hair Day, etc - Kelsi and Mr. Valdez

- HERO (Attendance) Committee - Kamerin and Adriani


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