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End of year project!

We wanted to end our year strong so we decided to do a math/entrepreneurship project! Students were given 3 weeks to complete the project which included, drawing a floor plan of a house, taking measurements and finding areas of the rooms, building a 3-D model of their floor plans, and making a commercial of themselves as real estate agents to try to sell the house to potential buyers.

I was a bit worried to have the students take on such a large project while distance learning, but had the confidence that the students would be able to do it. My confidence in my students paid off as the project was a complete success! Every student participated, submitted their floor plans of their own original design, gave me measurements, and made a 3-D model! I am very proud of my students to say the least. This project was an amazing way to reinforce the concept of area while tapping in to our architect and business minds!


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