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February and Friends

February is here! Black History Month is underway and already passing by with flying colors. Knowing some important events and people in Black History, our staff and faculty at Alma Fuerte emphasizes acceptance. Our way of carrying on what Dr. Martin Luther King walked for and what Rosa Parks sat for is to show our students that friends come in every color. We have an awesome, diverse group of teachers and staff that serve as a good example of that everyday. If you take a peek into our Kindergarten class, you can even hear Ms. Krabbendam addressing each of her students as "friend". If we see a student in the hallway or out on the playground, we use "friend" to get their attention. We love to foster a community of acceptance and diversity, and we hope that this can spread not only throughout the school, but also throughout the city of Altadena.

February also holds the day widely known as Valentine's Day! This day is filled with hearts, gifts, and friendship. Being that our school advocates for friendship , our very own Ms. Kamerin led an event inspired by the day of love, called "Celebrating Friendship!". Teachers and staff stood outside, handing out gifts full of candy, cards, and pencils as students drove by with their parents. It was so good to see and hear how well our students are doing. A lot of them were even ready to come back to school! It's been difficult to show your friends that you appreciate them during this uncomfortable period, so we hoped that this gave students a chance to see their favorite teachers and put some smiles on each others faces. It felt great to be able to interact with our little Eagles! Want to see how well our event went, just watch our recap video below! Keep spreading positivity friends!



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