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TALL like a giraffe, or SHORT like an ant?

This week in Ms. Galloway's TK/K class, we have been learning about the differences between tall and short. We acted out movements of tall animals like a giraffe, tyrannosaurus rex, and an elephant; as well as short animals like ants, mice, and turtles! We also incorporated counting by singing "The Ants Go Marching" and "Five Little Monkeys" songs.

As an art project, the students created their own cities using tall green strips and short blue strips. We learned about the Los Angeles Skyline and how some buildings are taller than others because they have more levels. When asked how he could tell which paper strip was taller, one student mentioned that by lining up the bottoms, he was able to see that the green strip went higher.

Take a look at the finished projects!


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