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Pasadena Kid's Business Fair

We are excited to invite you to participate in our upcoming Entrepreneur Fair at Alma Fuerte, a Community School focused on teaching students entrepreneurship skills and collaboration with local businesses and community members.


This event offers a special opportunity for your young, aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their creativity, business skills, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Date & Time: July 18th 4 - 5:30pm


  • Registration is required to reserve a booth. There is a 20$ non-refundable fee per booth. This event is free for Alma Fuerte students. 

  • Kids ages 5 - 15 can participate. Adults can help, but the kids are the entrepreneurs!

  • Kids can sell whatever they want! It can be handmade, food, games or services. Just make sure it is age-appropriate.

  • Participants are responsible for managing their own sales and transactions. Bringing a cash box and change is recommended.

  •  Siblings can sell different items and run two businesses at the same booth, without paying an added fee.

  • Additionally, please note that if there are an excessive number of similar booths (e.g., multiple lemonade stands), we will reach out to you to discuss alternative options.

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