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Meet the Alma Fuerte Team with Director Laurilie Keay at the Helm.

Laurilie Keay, Executive Director 

Laurilie Keay has decades of experience in school leadership and teaching roles at pre-K-12 public, charter, and private schools in Arizona and Canada.  Special areas of expertise for Ms. Keay include instructional coaching, building school-wide culture and climate, student data and assessment, and leading special education programs.

Ms. Keay managed mental health and special education services for 22 Head Start Centers for the Western Arizona Council of Governments.

Ms. Keay began her career at St. Andrews School in Alberta, Canada, where she served for two decades as a classroom teacher in various grades. She holds two Master’s Degrees – an M.Ed. in Special Education and an  M.A. in Psychology and is completing her Education Specialist Degree in Educational Administration.

Meet Our Exceptional Elementary School Teachers

Our teachers create a fun, engaging, environment where students can thrive and feel supported by their peers.
Alma Fuerte School-303.jpg

Adriane Vivirito

TK/ Kinder

Alma Fuerte School-553.jpg

Evelyn Gonzalez

2nd Grade

Alma Fuerte School-213.jpg

Lance Gabelman

TK/ Kinder

3rdgrade teacher.jpg

Sandra Robles

3rd Grade

robert y.png

Robert Young

K/1st Grade


Kaitlyn Khalaf

4th Grade

1st grade teacher.jpg

Breanna Pallett

1st Grade

IMG_2235 (1).jpg

Kye Kim

5th Grade

Meet Our Mighty Middle School Team

Alma Fuerte's Middle school, though small, packs a punch!
The Middle School team aims to create a culture of excellence in all aspects of student life.
Alma Fuerte School-965.jpg

Roger Yee


middle school teacher.jpg

Rodolfo Basurto



Josue Guillen



Katie Lopez

Associate Teacher

Meet Our Excellent Enrichment Team

Our enrichment team provides programming during and after school, ensuring that it is available and engaging to all ages!
Alma Fuerte School-979_edited.jpg

Matthew Padilla



Sage Johnson

Maker Space


Laura Acuña


Meet Our Outstanding Operations Team

These are the faces that will greet you at the front desk and all over school!
Our Operations Team ensures that our school runs smooth from ordering supplies to communicating with parents.
Alma Fuerte School-557.jpg

Adriani Leon

Operations Director

Alma Fuerte School-670.jpg

Eren Hernandez

Nutrition and Community Resources

Alma Fuerte School-970.jpg

Andres Gudiño

Operations Manager


Matthew Fast



Kamerin Harrell

Office and Community

Alma Fuerte School-400.jpg

Laura Maldonado


Alma Fuerte School-756.jpg

Estela Ortiz

Office and Community

Meet Our Amazing Associate Teachers

Alma Fuerte's Associate teachers provide support to students and teachers in the classroom.
They also provide supervision and programming during recess and after school.
IMG_0504 (1).jpg

Emely Gutierrez

Associate Teacher


Anissa Rico

Associate Teacher


Jack Chen

Associate Teacher

TA Second grade.jpg

Eva Tawfiek

Associate Teacher


Evan Witherspoon

Associate Teacher

Music Teacher

Steve Sotelo

Associate Teacher

TA TK Charter School.jpg

Monica Rosales

Associate Teacher

IMG_0569 (1).jpg

Brenton Andrews

Associate Teacher

Teacher in Classroom

Jacqueline Arqueta

Associate Teacher

3rd grade ta.jpg

Kameron Williams

Associate Teacher


Justin Clay

Associate Teacher

Meet Our Spectacular Special Education (SPED) Team

The goal of our SPED team is to support our students, teachers, and parents in reaching their goals while creating a culture of inclusion and excellence.
Alma Fuerte School-980.jpg

Shannon Sweet



Ladonna Cohen

Occupational Therapist

Alma Fuerte School-870.jpg

Russell Gustafson


Dr. White.jpeg

Dr. Jonathan White

Speech Pathology

Alma Fuerte School-550.jpg

Leslie Ortiz

Interventionist and SEL Support

IMG_0561 (1).jpg

Dianna Rivera



Brittany de Anda


Teacher in Classroom

Vanouhi Hagverdi

OT assistant

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