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Middle School

In grades 6-8 Alma Fuerte students start to look upwards and outwards towards their future, the greater Pasadena community , high school, and beyond. 

Daily Schedule - Horario Diario 

7:45 am - 8:00 am Dropoff and breakfast - Entrega y desayuno 

8:10 am - School Starts - Comienzo del día escolar

12:32 pm -1:15pm - Lunch and Recess - Almuerzo y Recreo

3:05pm - End of the Day for Middle School -Final del día escolar para la escuela intermedia

At Alma Fuerte, our approach to learning and accessing curriculum includes:

  1. A Personalized Approach – Alma Fuerte takes your child’s strengths, needs, and interests into consideration. Then teachers provide the support they need to truly master a subject at the highest standards.

  2. Collaborative Learning – With small class sizes and different approaches to learning (like project-based learning, multiple modalities, learning styles), children are encouraged to work closely together to solve problems.

  3. Self-Directed Learning Opportunities – Alma Fuerte values your child’s interests and opinions, encouraging deeper thought.  We are helping to prepare them to have the skills and attitude necessary to be successful once they leave school.

  4. Personal Growth – Alma Fuerte emphasizes social emotional learning (SEL). SEL teaches students to understand and manage their emotions, establish and maintain positive relationships, feel and show empathy, set and achieve goals, and make responsible decisions.  We have recently become a grief education school.

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