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Wellness Committee Meeting Minutes

Wellness Committee Members Present:

Pili Bailey

Anne Lee

Adriani Leon

Claudia Montes

Others Present:

Carmen Martinez

Tina Rios

Anne called the meeting to order at 8:38 am.

  1. Review of Wellness Policy Documents

The group reviewed Alma Fuerte’s current Wellness Policy and portion of Family-Student Handbook regarding wellness. The Wellness Policy documents discuss expectations for quality/nutrition of our meal service and other foods served at school. It also discusses the Wellness Committee, committee meetings,

The Wellness Policy documents also discuss expectations for physical activity, other wellness activities, and healthy habit development for Alma Fuerte students.

One of the main items discussed was the food served at schoolwide events. Anne stated that she has heard parents discuss the desire to have healthier options at these events. The group discussed that going forward parents and staff who plan schoolwide events will work to plan menus with healthier options and send out parent surveys/signups to solicit donations of pre-planned healthier options. It was also discussed that

  1. Priorities for Wellness Next Year

The group discussed a number of ideas to promote healthy habits and wellness next school year. The top three priorities the group identified were:

  • Making sure that when there are schoolwide events where parents bring food, parents are requested to sign up to bring healthy options.

  • Planning “Tasting Tuesdays,” where parents can sign up to bring for students a healthy snack option (e.g., fresh juice tastings)

  • Planning a wellness fair at school with community partners and vendors, showcasing community wellness resources, having samples, etc.

The group discussed next steps, including meeting monthly during next school year in order to plan.

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