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Daily Schedule for the 2019-2020 School Year!

Take a look at our schedules for this upcoming school year.

Wednesday Schedule
Regular Schedule

The major change for this year's schedule is that ALL grades are now dismissed at the same time.

Once inside, all classrooms will be doing a morning ritual that will include a word of day, and attendance to help students transition into learning.

Next, capitalizing on students being most engaged in the morning, all students will have ELA (English Language Arts) as their first period class. We hope to see students make larger growth gains in ELA because of this and we should see that progress trickle into all other academic areas.


We are trying something new with Wednesdays that we are very excited about. Wednesdays will now be focused on electives, also known as "Specials." Throughout the day students will rotate through Spanish, Entrepreneurship, Service Learning, Arts and (hopefully) Gardening! Wednesdays will also be a great day for parent volunteers that want to help out in the classroom!

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