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Alma Fuerte's Middle School Students Partner with Pasadena's Health Department

Alma Fuerte’s commitment to nurturing our students' well-being is shown through our partnership with the Pasadena Health Department's Nutrition and Physical Activity Department. Led by trained educator Jorge Martinez, this collaboration has empowered students to explore the world of nutrition, gain hands-on experience in gardening, and develop their appreciation for healthy living.

Garden beds in Pasadena public school Alma Fuerte.

Under the guidance of Jorge Martinez, the students' first step was to delve into the world of nutrition and gardening. In their nutrition classes, they learned about the importance of fresh, locally grown produce and the impact it can have on overall health. To bring this knowledge to life, Jorge introduced the concept of designing gardens, where students could witness firsthand the connection between soil, plants, and nutrition. Jorge engaged students in discussions about the various types of soil and their importance in growing nutritious fruits and vegetables. He also presented the students with recipes filled with these nutritious ingredients that the students could make at home. Armed with this knowledge, the students eagerly ventured into Alma Fuerte's own school garden. Here, they explored the soil composition where they had the opportunity to test the soil.

Parent volunteer Maria Nieto helped our students channel their newfound interest in gardening. With her guidance, the students actively participated in the layout and maintenance of the school garden. They rolled up their sleeves and began to transform the once barren garden into a flourishing one. Regular maintenance activities included watering and weeding. By taking responsibility for the garden's upkeep, the students developed a sense of ownership and pride for it. They observed firsthand the transformative power of dedication and patience as they witnessed the fruits of their labor grow and flourish.

The partnership between Alma Fuerte and the Pasadena Health Department's Nutrition and Physical Activity Department has had a deep impact on our students. Beyond gardening skills, our students have developed a more in depth understanding of nutrition and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


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