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Distance Learning

It's been quite a challenge for the whole world because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but with this challenge, comes an opportunity to show determination, grit, and unity. In my 3rd/4th grade class, these are some of the qualities that you would see in each of my students. They have learned how to use a completely new digital platform, learn brand new academic material, complete assignments, and attend online classes on top of dealing with all of the other things that the Corona Virus brings with it.

Although the situation is not what we want it to be, I am very proud of my class for dealing with everything in a way that shows maturity and responsibility. Because all of the students are engaged in our live lessons, work hard with minimal complaints, and support each other through this difficult time, we were able to turn this trial into a triumph!

If you are looking for a small and collaborative environment for your child - join the Alma Fuerte Family! We have a lot of room in grades TK, 4, and 5!


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