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Mr. Kam - 3rd Grade TA

Meet Mr. Kam! Along with being the person responsible for writing these fantastic, remarkable, amazing, eye-opening, award-winning blogs(ok, maybe not all of that, but you get it); he's also the Teacher's Assistant for the 3rd grade class at Alma Fuerte(did I just refer to myself as "he"?) Let me stop. I had the blessing of joining Alma Fuerte's team at the end of the 2019 school year in October. Since then, I've been able to assist with grades K-4. That wasn't a scary situation for me because I was fortunate enough to have already worked at another school beforehand in which I had to help with grades K-8. I wanted to come to Alma Fuerte because it's in the Altadena community, which I'm a part of as well. What better way to impact the community than to help teach the children in its schools? I look to provide a positive classroom environment where students can be in charge of their learning, and develop leadership and social skills. For example, if I'm teaching a lesson on global warming, I'll allow the students' questions and conversations to push our lesson forward. I teach science, art/entrepreneurship electives, social studies, and P.E. My goal is to have a positive impact on all of my students and give them a place to not only learn, but possibly teach other students a thing or two.

You can learn more about my goals and wants for our students in the video below. Thank you!


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