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Ms. Krabbendam’s Weekly Highlights

Show & Tell 

This week our class had show and tell! Students were so excited to bring in legos, dolls, and a football helmet! Not only was show and tell a chance to share a favorite toy, but it provided a very relaxed opportunity to practice important public speaking skills. Students had to speak clearly, maintain eye contact, and deliver a presentation on his or her toy that would explain why it was a favorite item. Students in the audience practiced active listening skills and supported each of their classmates as they presented! Every child who presented did a phenomenal job! 


Fun With Dice! 

We had a lot of fun with math this week! We are practicing comparing numbers and groups of objects using the terms “more than”, “most”, “fewer”, and “less than”. We used dice to come up with two different numbers. Students then compared the two numbers on the dice to determine which one was more than the other. 


“Fantastic Friday” 

Every other Friday our class will be doing an art project using different types of materials! This week we made robot puppets! It was a great activity to get students to let their imaginations run wild! Cleverly disguised in this activity was a review of shapes and composing objects out of shapes! Our class was so inspired by the puppet shows we did last week that many of our students began coming up with their own stories to act out with their puppets!


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