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Our First Days Back at School!

After a restful winter break, our class had a fun week back at school learning new concepts and practicing all of our routines. Here are some highlights from our week!

We had lots to share about what we did over winter break, so everyone enjoyed having a chance to write and illustrate different events that happened! We wrote about our favorite day, who we spent time with, and what we did. My students then got a chance to share their illustrated writing with the class.

Since we brought in the new year over winter break, we discussed what a New Year's resolution is and why it is helpful to make new goals for ourselves. My students chose their own personal goal for 2020 and wrote it down. They came up with some fantastic goals and I know they can achieve them!

One reading strategy that we have been practicing is comparing and contrasting using a Venn diagram. It's always helpful to integrate language arts skills into other subjects, like science and history. In science this week, we've been learning about what animals need to survive, and also how animals grow and change through different life stages. Here are some pictures of my students using a Venn diagram to compare different life stages of a chicken (chick and adult chicken). They did a wonderful job and knew exactly where to write each comparison within the diagram.


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