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Alma Fuerte’s First Spell-a-Thon

This year, Alma Fuerte organized its first ever Spell-a-Thon! The Spell-a-Thon brought students, teachers, and parents together in order to enhance students' language skills and boost their confidence in spelling. We also recognized the needs of our youngest participants from TK and Kindergarten and hosted our Mini-Bee. From the initial classroom rounds to the exhilarating final showdown, the competition showcased the students' spelling skills and determination.

The Spell-a-Thon began as a series of spelling bees, with each classroom holding its own spell-off. The top 3 winners from each classroom advanced to compete in the next round with students from other grades.

Following the initial classroom rounds, the winners from TK and Kinder participated in their very own Mini-Bee. After a tough battle of words, we were left with one last speller standing in our Mini-Bee: Dror Afik! Congratulations to our Mini-Bee champion. We also extend our congratulations to the remarkable runner ups: Presley Brizuela and Sophia Nunez.

Three students on stage at Alma Fuerte's first Spell-a-Thon.

The winners from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade classrooms faced off against each other in round 2. Similarly, the victorious spellers from 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades competed against their peers. The top three winners from each spelling showdown advanced to the Spell-a-Thon championship.

Three students on stage at Alma Fuerte's first Spell-a-Thon.

On April 19th, the finalists took center stage to vie for the title of Alma Fuerte's first Spell-a-Thon Champion. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and support for the incredible spellers who had made it this far. After an intense spelling battle, one exceptional speller was left victorious: Gavin Villegas-Baez! The runner-up, Ofer Afik, also showcased remarkable spelling skills.

The success of the Spell-a-Thon wouldn't have been possible without the dedication of the participants, the support of teachers, and the expertise of the judges. Alma Fuerte extends gratitude to Ms.Robles and Ms. Gonzalez, the judges who evaluated the spellers' performances and made the event a success.

Congratulations to all the participants who made Alma Fuerte's first Spell-a-Thon a success! Their commitment to learning and impressive spelling abilities are admirable. A special congratulations to Gavin Villegas-Baez, the Spell-a-Thon Champion, as well as Ofer Afik and Agam Gera, the runner-up. Alma Fuerte takes pride in its spellers and eagerly awaits future editions of the Spell-a-Thon.


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