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Coffee Collective Minutes - 9.23.19

Notes accessible on:

- Parent Portal

- Facebook Page

- School wide Email

- Email to all in attendance


Kate Wilkinson, Delhy Reyes, Maricela Viramontes Erick Hernandez Erin Hernandez Geraldine Baum Claudia Montes Aracely Mendez Adriani Leon, Carrie Jordan, Maria Nieto Soprinye “Dolly” Dappa Pili Bailey,


Teacher Appreciation Chair: Carrie Jordan

- Discuss ideas at next mtg/

Garden Need Parent help on Wednesdays to plant and work with kids, anytime throughout the day Ideal to have 2 parents each Wednesday Link to Sign up Genius

Winter Talent Show (December) Chair: Maria, Maricela Co-Chair: Delhy, Geraldine Date: TBD

- Open to all parents and kids to perform - Discuss ideas at next mtg.

Halloween Trunk or Treat (October) Chair: Erin H. Co-Chair: Date: October 30, 5-6:30pm

● Sound ○ Ask Ivans Dad Victor

● Kids Costume Contest and parade at 6pm

● Parent contest for cars

○ Need prizes for best car, how do we judge

○ Need at least 10 cars

○ Plan on 95 kids per car

○ No food or candy, Dollar Store you can buy in bulk

● donated prizes needed

○ Private yoga session (Pili)

● Marketing

○ Adriani created Sign Up Genius

○ Erin to create flyer, put in backpacks Oct 7th

○ Facebook post w/ digital flyer

Fall Festival (November) Chair: Aracely Co-Chair: Rachel Wallace Date: Saturday, Nov.16th 2-4pm Set up: 12-2pm

● Pop up canopies/shade (Rachel)

● Sound (Adriani to ask)

○ Ask Ivan's Dad Victor

● Bounce House

○ Kate and Maricela to donate an obstacle course

● Raffles

○ Donations needed

○ Unincorporated Coffee donated $25 gift card

● Games

○ Mr. Yee has games from last year

○ Adriani to let Aracely know what we have

○ Need to purchase prizes

○ Ask parents for leftovers from Trunk or Treat

○ Tickets 25 cents each, need to buy some

○ Dolly to research Sumo/Big Ball games

● Charity Marketplace

○ Each class creates something to sell

○ Adriani to see if this is possible

● Food ○ Bake Sale table w/ coffee

○ Drink table

○ Parents do soup/chili cook-off tastings (5-7 parents to sign up)

● Need to discuss Marketing at last mtg.


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