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Collaborative opportunities with a growing charter school in Altadena, Ca!

This Friday, Alma Fuerte Public School's career day assembly's guest speaker will be Mr. Mario Aguilara, the head chef from Howlin' Ray's restaurant that just opened up its second location in Pasadena, California!

If you've ever been to Howlin' Ray's in Korea Town, the vibe alone makes you feel as though you've known the staff your entire life! They greet everyone so warmly and welcomingly, always spark conversations to keep consumers engaged while waiting on their delicious entrees, and have also done collaborations with big named clothing brands that are available upon request! Howlin' Ray's honestly makes all their customers feel like family, and seeing as how we maintain our close-knit and family-oriented culture at AFPS, we couldn't wait to host this career day with a team that has a lot in common with us!

As you know, our little school is BIG on entrepreneurship, so we love to forge genuine connections between our students and community-based organizations that have started from the ground, up! These collaborations lead to connections that educate our little scholars by teaching them how to conduct themselves socially in interviews, give insight on common backgrounds and interests, and push to challenge our students to go in-depth on what it takes to pursue different entrepreneurial careers.

Join us as we discuss what it took to build the Howlin' Ray's franchise and become foodie entrepreneurs!


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