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How has COVID-19 affected Alma Fuerte?

For the first week and a half of COVID19 closures, like everyone else, we expected to be returning after Spring Break. Our teachers quickly churned out leveled packets that we distributed to our students. As we approached Spring Break, we learned that Distance Learning would be extended indefinitely so we set out to create a daily schedule for our families to follow. Just like at school, creating a predictable routine helps students feel safe, and safe students are ready to learn!

We worked to improve communication, distributed chrome books, and provided best practices for families to employ at home. We divided each class into small leveled groups of about 5-7 students only. Each group gets daily live instruction and rotates through meeting with the teacher and associate teacher throughout the day. Students that are struggling to understand the lesson are then invited to a study hall where they receive even more direct attention from our staff.

Our associate teachers have been integral in helping our zoom session run smoothly. They have also been an immense asset in handling the technological part of distance learning, helping parents get set up, troubleshoot, and manage student participation. Our teachers would not be able to provide such personalized instructions if it were not for the help of their classroom aide. We are very proud of the effort put forth by our staff, our students, and our parents.

Tea with Keay

We continue to host bi-weekly meetings with our admin staff called "Tea with Keay," for parents. During Tea with Keay, we provide updates and ask for community feedback. We pride ourselves in being transparent and will continue to update you on our strengths, challenges, and lessons learned. We aim to provide a clear path to your child's education so that you can feel at ease with your child's transition to a new learning environment.

Distance Learning Schedule

For the duration of Distance Learning, we will start at 8:45am and end at 1:15pm. We will host have weekly school-wide assemblies, bedtime stories, and Maker Hour!

On Campus Program

Now that we are allowed to be back on campus, each class will be assigned two rooms. Students will be assigned to a cohort with whom they will remain for the whole day to prevent cross-contamination.Meals will be eaten in the classroom. Every period the teacher and the associate teacher will switch between the cohorts so that the groups get equal learning and social time/ project time. To learn more, click here.


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