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I say ALMA you say FUERTE!!

When I say ALMA you say FUERTE!! The Alma Fuerte Cheer team just finished one of the biggest performances of the year and are already preparing for the next. That's cheerleading for you..year-round!

We are very proud to share the news with everyone! The 2023-2024 cheer squad has placed 2nd in the Pasadena Black History Parade! Led by this year's cheer captains, Hadassah Hernandez, Zoe Casteneda, and Ande Jaye MacCalla.

With a year of ups and downs, we are very proud of the hard work and determination of the whole squad, and yes that includes our cheer parents!

We hold practices every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:30-4:30pm. Every practice is full of self expression and creativity, with the main value being responsibility.

All girls understand that they are responsible for  bringing a change of clothes so they can move freely during practice. They are also expected to have their full cheer uniform prepared for every sports event. These standards helps us to encourage accountability amongst the girls.

Ladies..atten hut! We then transition to stretching and conditioning as a squad. If we have an event booked on the calendar, we select a song and the girl's creativity begins to kick in. Every practice the coaches make time for the girls to show some new chants and moves to be added to our extensive list of cheers. Then we come together and start implementing those moves into  a routine created by the squad. And just like that, we have the next performance ready.

Coach Anissa and Coach Thami believe that having a safe space where our girls can express themselves through cheer can instill confidence! We encourage the girls to carry out that confidence in everything they do, including any and all school work! We also celebrate our achievements with things such as award ceremonies and special guests. We love each and every one of our girls’ personalities and commitment to the sport! We could not have asked for a better team. Go Eagles!


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