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Keep Entrepreneurship Alive!

Here at Alma Fuerte, we are huge on teaching our students entrepreneurship skills and all the avenues that entrepreneurship has available. We encourage students to make their own educated choices by presenting them with different electives to take interest in. We hope that those interest will, in turn, teach them how to be a leader as well as a team player with leadership qualities. The staff and teachers are also all good examples of the latter. We're able to tackle any tasks whether it's within our element or not. We help each other wherever needed, while bringing good individual ideas to the table too. COVID has made this mission more challenging, but has not stopped us. After all, "Alma Fuerte is a great public school with a focus on entrepreneurship. Our goal is to develop every child's critical thinking skills and leadership ability."

Before we had to transition to online teaching and learning, we dedicated every Wednesday to providing students with different electives to explore. They had options from learning how to design and build eco-friendly cars to learning about break dancing and how to bust a move or two. Since COVID reared its ugly head, we've had to make some adjustments on how to still offer entrepreneurship learning to the students. Our solution was online Career Day! Now instead of offering a number of electives throughout the day, we are able to reach out to some friends and associates in some amazing fields of work to do a little Q&A with our students. Some of these entrepreneurs are from the Altadena community as well. Career Days are on Fridays during our online morning assemblies. During the assembly, students brainstorm a number of questions that they may have for the guest, their favorite question seems to be "how much do you make?", but we're working on that. Our guest for the morning speaks to our students and gives them some advice on how to be a successful entrepreneur. So far, this has been an effective way to continue to expose our little Eagles to entrepreneurship.

Last week for our career day, we had Kirhan Cheng, a corporate event planner with Capital Group. He's from South Pasadena, born and raised in our very own San Gabriel Valley. He went to college at UC San Diego and was a part of the JET Program. He has a little bit of teaching experience too, being that he taught English in Japan for 1 year. He shared some events that he was able to be a part of and talked to the students about what kind of work it takes to be an event planner. He's planned events for Chapstick, Air B&B, Marvel/Dell (the movie premiere Antman and the Wasp), and the Emmy's. Mr. Cheng also showed us some of the venues that he made over for some events he's planned, and some of the food that is served there. Our students seemed very impressed, and I think I even saw some of them trying to eat their computer screens! I'm not sure though. We hope that we can continue to find different, effective ways to impact our students and keep entrepreneurship alive! To see how our Career Days flow, and get a inside look at Mr. Cheng's Q&A with our students, refer to the video below. Thank you!



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