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Pasadena Public School's Makerspace Makeover

At Alma Fuerte Public School in Pasadena, fostering creativity and hands-on learning has always been a priority. The recent campus switch presented an opportunity for Ms. Sage, the Makerspace Instructor, to take on an extraordinary Makerspace makeover.

Ms. Sage's dedication and creativity shined through as she designed a Makerspace that was both functional and inviting for Alma Fuerte's students. The new Makerspace layout accommodates various projects and group sizes. The addition of vibrant colors and functional decor elements were carefully chosen to create an engaging environment that stimulated the students' imaginations. Ms. Sage curated a range of tools and materials suitable for the young students. From markers and crayons to fabric and sewing machines, the Makerspace was stocked with resources that catered to different interests. Ensuring the safety of the students was also a top priority. Ms. Sage implements age-appropriate safety protocols and provides clear instructions on the proper use of tools and equipment in the upgraded Makerspace.

The impact of the Makerspace makeover at Alma Fuerte has been nothing short of exceptional. The makeover has also empowered students by allowing them to to foster their entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout the school year students were able to utilize the Makerspace to create products that would later be sold at our various Craft Fairs. So far, the Makerspace has served as a production hub for students to create their merchandise. Some of the products created by Alma Fuerte students include 3D abstract paintings and handmade journals to sell at our craft fairs.

Through engaging, hands-on projects, students develop a deeper understanding of core concepts across multiple subjects. The Makerspace has also nurtured a collaborative spirit among students. They work in teams, sharing ideas and problem-solving together. By providing a space for students to tinker and create, the Makerspace has unleashed their creativity and nurtured an innovative mindset.


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