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Ms. Krabbendam's Weekly Highlights

“The Experiment Club”  

Our class has some very inquisitive students who were so inspired by our Thursday experiments that they formed an experiment club for our class! At lunch recess the students are given a new batch of materials. Then the students come up with a question or idea to test. So far the students have been testing different types of slides and which slide allows the most water to travel across a given distance. It is very encouraging to see how excited and self motivated our class is to continue to learn and investigate! 


Groundhog Day Festivities  

This week our class learned about groundhog day. We learned about the history and purpose of the event. Students took a survey of their classmates to see how many people thought Phil would see his shadow and how many thought he would not. We also practiced our graphing art skills with our other groundhog day activities.


Firehouse Field Trip!  

Our class was very lucky to be invited to our local fire station! Students toured the station, met several firefighters, talked about fire safety, and got to spray the hose! Our class had a great time and were wonderful ambassadors for our school in the community. 



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