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New Year, New We

We are all familiar with the phrase "New Year, New Me" when we are busy thinking of a resolution to commit to going into the new year. Sometimes we struggle with sticking to that commitment. However, we can find little seeds of inspiration to help us continue to grow and learn to keep that promise that we've made to ourselves. We just have to dig down to the root of what's holding us back, so that we can be able to grow and reap the fruit we sow. We at Alma Fuerte Public School have a mission to help our students grow individually as little humans and creatively as students. We love to spread the idea of entrepreneurship and challenge our students to think outside the box academically. That is our resolution for this year and every year to come. The parents around the Altadena community help us stick to this commitment like a strong stem on a stable plant. This is not just a mission for "Me" to accomplish, but a mission for "We" to accomplish.

Last month, I decided to start off the year with teaching our 3rd grade students the parts of a plant and their functions as part of our science lesson. We reviewed the root, stem, leaves, fruit, and even the seeds. During this lesson students were challenged with comparing how much plants and humans are alike. We both need water to grow and we both reproduce in life. One student by the name of Elliott M. got an idea to send a video of himself explaining the parts of a plant. He found a plant and broke it down piece by piece, showing us each part. This was such a good example of the entrepreneur spirit that we push for at Alma Fuerte, that I wanted to share it with you. You can see the video at the link below:


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