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Summer Program: COMING SOON!

...And by soon, we mean June 7th, to be exact!

All interested parents and students, Alma Fuerte's Summer Program will start on June 7, 2023, and end on July 14th, 2023! If this program is something your student would like to partake in, please be sure to check your emails for the "Summer School Survey" to enroll. Once all information is submitted, please text the school phone to ensure we've received all information. You must enroll your student no later than May 22nd! Space is limited and filling up quickly, so any submissions after that date unfortunately will not be accepted.

Summer Program begins at 8:00 am and our day will end at 5:00 pm and is FREE! So please be sure to enroll no later than May 22nd so we can solidify your student's spot.


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