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This Week's Learning Experiences!

One of my favorite lessons this week was reviewing the parts of a sentence (the subject and predicate) and important elements of a complete sentence. Students practiced writing their own sentences to match particular images I showed them. They love using personal whiteboards, a new addition to our classroom! All my students have been getting better at remembering to start sentences with capital letters and end with punctuation! We also practiced adding adjectives and adverbs to make our sentences more interesting and descriptive.

Then, students practiced writing their sentences independently! They did a great job.

We learned all about Martin Luther King, Jr. this week by watching videos about his life and footage of his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. We then read about his life in our mini booklets and wrote about what we can do to create change in the world. We created a KWL chart to map out what students knew before the lesson, what they wanted to learn, and what they learned. I loved the meaningful discussions we had this week about the importance of treating others fairly and not judging people by their looks, but instead by "the content of their character."

This week's spelling words focused on long vowels with silent E, also known as "magic E." We practiced this phonics skill by adding a little magic! Students added magic E to the end of words with white crayon, then colored over with marker to reveal the ✨magic E✨ showing through! I loved their excitement and engagement with these magic E activities!


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