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We Are Paleontologists!

Our class had a blast this week studying dinosaurs and experiencing life as a

paleontologist! Our class had a field day where we dug for dinosaur bones, making fossils, and investigating fossilized eggs. The dinosaur bones we dug up were assembled to become a small tyransaurs rex! We think there might still be some bones out there so our students are still digging during recess!

After creating fossils during our field day experience, we learned more about how fossils were created and how paleontologists use fossils to learn more about dinosaurs and how life was long ago.

The highlight for the class was examining the fossilized eggs. Students used various tools to chip away at the eggs to see what dinosaur was inside. Then students had to examine the dinosaur they found and match it to the correct informational card to learn about the dinosaur they found!

After our exploration day, we went on to read more about fossils, dinosaurs, and creative writing projects. Our class really loved the project based nature of this science unit. Hands on exploration allowed each student to experience the content in a way that allowed them to think critically, draw connections, and brainstorm ideas with each other. Our class is now looking forward to our next exploration day as astronauts and explore outer space!


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