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Alma Fuerte is Seeking Eager and Committed Leaders to JOIN OUR BOARD!

Though we are living through unprecedented times, our passion and commitment to build a great school is undeterred. In some ways, COVID-19 has created the space for educators to have room for important conversations and innovations. COVID-19 has forced educational systems to rethink everything from school schedules, curriculum, attendance, and even school lunch. Concurrently Alma Fuerte is now the sole renter on the Edison campus which means we are expanding and taking ownership of the beautification of our campus!

We want to use this opportunity to create a space that excites students to return to school and fulfill our mission. We are in the process of making a Maker-Space or "Entrepreneurial Lab," for our students! This space will provide our students with tools to test, launch, and iterate their ideas during and after school. We hope that this sounds exciting and that you want to be a part of creating this space for students!

The Alma Fuerte Board is composed of volunteers who help shape the future of Alma Fuerte. Our board is stacked with educational leaders with a lot of experience. We are looking to add leaders with with a fundraising background, passion for our mission, and strong partnership building skills. Our ideal candidates are in the Pasadena area.

Time Commitment: Only 3hrs/ month for board meetings plus time for fundraising/ grant writing as you see fit.

About Alma Fuerte Public School

Alma Fuerte’s goal is to bring out the entrepreneur in each child by developing their critical thinking skills, leadership ability, and fostering their unique creativity. We are a small but mighty community where students are encouraged to embrace challenges, develop self-motivation, and take ownership of their future. We believe in a holistic approach to learning, fostering each child's academic success as well as their social/emotional growth. Alma Fuerte is a diverse school; Our 2020-2021 student body is comprised of:

​20% Special Needs Students

67% Free and Reduced Lunch

93% Students of Color

We are a small school with a strong emphasis on Community and community events. Our strong community of parents and caretakers are very active in putting together amazing events for our students which have included events like Bingo Night, Holiday Talent Show and Super Hero Day, a day celebrating attendance and being ready to learn!

If you are interested in joining our board or have any questions? Please email


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