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Pasadena School’s Journey of Campus Beautification

After switching campuses, Alma Fuerte Public School in Pasadena underwent a remarkable transformation. Spearheaded by the new Makerspace Instructor, Ms. Sage, the school's campus beautification project breathed new life into every nook and cranny, creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

Alma Fuerte Public School's office entryway in Pasadena

The front office serves as the entryway to Alma Fuerte Public School, setting the tone for the entire campus. Functional decor, vibrant plants, and strategically placed seating now greets visitors, providing a pleasant and inviting space that allows students, families, and visitors alike to feel comfortable upon first entering the school.

Ms. Sage's vision also extended to the staff area. Previously a functional but uninspiring space, it has been transformed into a comfortable and inviting retreat for teachers and staff. Hallways were also revamped, as we recognize that hallways are vital communal spaces for our students.

One of the biggest projects led by Ms. Sage was the remodeling of our Makerspace. The remodel created a hub for creativity at the new campus where our students could explore their interests. To read more about the newly rennovated Makerspace, click here.

Alma Fuerte also took the initiative to install sliding doors in the front office, creating more private spaces for intervention groups, meetings, and student counseling among other things. This improvement not only enhances efficiency but also prioritizes the privacy and comfort of students, families, and staff during these interactions.

The campus beautification project at Alma Fuerte Public School has transformed the new campus into a vibrant, welcoming space. From refreshing paint choices to completely transformed areas, countless aspects of the campus have been carefully considered and revitalized. Alma Fuerte now stands as a testament to the power of a well-designed environment in nurturing the minds of young students.


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