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Alma Fuerte Middle Schoolers' Take on Taiko Drumming

Our middle school students had the opportunity to delve into the captivating world of Taiko drumming during a field trip to Makoto Taiko in Pasadena. Nestled in the heart of Pasadena, Makoto Taiko serves as an immersive scene for our enthusiastic learners. Taiko is an ancient Japanese art form that features ensemble drumming. Guided by skilled instructors, our students were eager to learn and document their journey through interviews and a marketing video for the business.

Teaching assistant  recording students for their marketing video.

To capture the essence of Taiko drumming, our students had the chance to interview both instructors and students at Makoto Taiko. With their newfound knowledge, our students embarked on a creative endeavor: crafting a marketing video for Makoto Taiko. Guided by Mr. B, they brainstormed ideas and harnessed their creativity to create a compelling and visually engaging video about Taiko drumming. Our middle schoolers worked collaboratively, ensuring each student had a role to play in bringing their vision to life.

Teaching assistant guiding students to help them with their marketing video.

The Taiko drumming field trip to Makoto Taiko in Pasadena was an enlightening experience for our Alma Fuerte middle schoolers. Beyond the art of drumming, this field trip offered our students an opportunity to celebrate cultural diversity while also allowing our students to explore the world of marketing. As we continue to nurture our students' passion for exploration, we are grateful for opportunities like these that ignite their curiosity and fuel their desire for knowledge.


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